by James Melfi, PPF product manager at XPEL

Let us talk about signature packages. For me, they are packages made up of a variety of different services. In the car care industry, signature packages can be a combination of paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coatings and window film. These packages are designed to give our clients an extremely well-rounded service focusing on maximum protection and value.

An example of a Signature Package.

When we group these products together and present one price point some amazing things can happen.

Here are five ways signature packages can improve your business.

  1. Increase Average Transaction Value

When designing your signature packages, think about which services provide your clients with the most value and which suits your business best. For some, that may be a combination of PPF and tint because that shop is the most proficient in those areas. For others, it may be PPF and ceramic coatings. The services do not matter as much as what problem the package solves. I would encourage you to brand the signature package specifically to the type of vehicle or a certain client profile. Example- you could create a Rivian R1S off road package, with everything a new Rivian owner would need to protect their new vehicle. As you can imagine, by grouping these services together you can create a higher average ticket price.

  1. Increase Revenue & Gross Margin

Starting your sales process with your custom signature packages has the potential to dramatically increase revenue. Now, this can also be paired with an increase in gross margin by leaning in on the services you or your team are the most efficient at. At our shop, we looked at the services we wanted to grow, and we looked at the services we had a solid foundation in and combined the two into one package. We would give our clients a discount for purchasing the larger package vs buying a la carte.

  1. Shorten Sales Process

One of the biggest advantages of signature packages is time savings. When we designed our website and sales funnel, we made sure to drive traffic to our signature packages page. This may be as easy as a hero image on the home page or a button that says “MOST POPULAR” on a drop-down. The goal is to drive traffic to the signature packages page. From there, I always took note of how fast a sales call would take. Instead of speaking to one service, then starting over on another then starting again – it was one continuous talk track. One explanation on how to best protect their car.

  1. Ease of Sales Training

Another advantage to signature packages is the ease of sales training. When onboarding a new member of your sales team, creating these packages and setting certain cost parameters like condition and size can certainly help settle the team and instill more confidence. When speaking to the sales team, we always tried to talk about what the package solved for our clients and how each product helped achieve that mission. This strategy empowered the sales team and helped speed up product knowledge.

  1. Provide More Value

Value is ensuring our clients feel they have received more than they paid for. That’s always the ultimate goal achieved via a combination of tailored service, exceptional quality and education. Custom-designed signature packages, if sold correctly, can certainly make a client feel they are receiving something special and something that is tailored to their specific needs. It is important to continually build value all long the client journey, from the sales pitch to drop off to service updates and ending with the aftercare conversation.

James Melfi is the PPF product manager at XPEL.

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