The paint protection film (PPF) industry is built on flash. Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens are among the many exotics packing shops for preservation. Beyond installation bays, territory managers push the protection process forward with noteworthy leadership that entails more than just selling boxes of film.

Justin Mercier, territory manager for Eastern Canada and New England at Tekton Performance Films

Justin Mercier, territory manager for Eastern Canada and New England at Tekton Performance Films, has been in the industry for many years. Today, he helps dealers advance and grow.

“The industry has changed a lot in the last [few] years,” Mercier shares. “There’s more help, mutual friendship and Facebook groups. People are trying to help encourage each other and assist with obstacles. When I was a business owner 20 years ago, I couldn’t call my local competitor to ask if we could work on an issue with a car together.”

Mercier took notice of the film industry as a teenager, saying that he found window tint to be “the coolest thing ever.” Today, he’s a unifier among window tinting and PPF professionals.

“I like being a network connector,” he says. “Being a previous business owner myself, I enjoy talking with owners today and helping them overcome their obstacles and grow their businesses.”

Mercier, who says he feels appreciated by his clients, encourages dealers to reach out no matter their level of experience.

“I like my clients to bother me,” Mercier says jokingly. “Bother me—ask me questions. If I don’t have an answer, I’ll look it up. There might be some hesitation. Whether you’re an installer that’s only been at it for three months or a seasoned installer, reach out to your territory manager.”

Marco Cazorla, territory manager for Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas (non-major metropolitan cities) at XPEL

“My main objective is to assist dealers with growing their business, seeing their business with a fresh set of eyes,” Cazorla says. “I want to help them.”

Cazorla previously served as an installation trainer at XPEL for four years. He’s three months into his new role as territory manager at the company.

“It’s way beyond selling boxes of film,” says Cazorla, who has always had a goal of jumping into a sales role. “It’s about helping dealers see which marketing strategies are working and what’s not. What are the trends? You’re deep into the territory. You know the analytics and have data points to speak to shop owners about. You give suggestions and insights. To me—that’s a territory manager. Someone who cares about the consumer and dealer’s experience. It goes hand in hand.”

Cars were Cazorla’s second home as a child. His father worked in auto repair and ensured he and his twin brother contributed to the family business. Repetitive tasks transformed into a career that began in 2004 at Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting and Auto Security in Upland, Calif.

“Always be relentless in the things you have passion for, and don’t be scared to put yourself out there,” Cazorla says of advice he’d pass along to his younger self. “You never know who’s watching, who’s listening and the impact you’re going to have on those people.”

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