Five Ways to Upsell PPF Customers

By Jacob Motley

The most obvious upsell for paint protection film (PPF) is to suggest more coverage. You’ve probably seen this scenario before: someone considering front-end protection ends up with PPF on other parts of their car as well, or even goes for a full wrap. That customer learned more about what’s popular,  what solutions are available and how costs compare—from you, the PPF expert.

If you think this sounds more like educating than selling, you’re right. The reality is that a significant part of sales is explaining products, benefits and possibilities. To be your most effective at this, focus on five key areas that are the most likely to result in better sales.

Offer Black PPF Products

Black PPF is more protective than vinyl, so it makes solid sense to offer this upgrade to customers looking for black vinyl all over or as an accent. Plus, customers interested in PPF for protection might also want to customize their car’s look further. Just letting these customers know that it’s possible to transform color and add protection in a single installation can encourage add-on sales.

Suggest Thicker PPF Products

Today’s advanced products are high-gloss and blend in well with factory finishes or other types of PPF. Try suggesting selective use of thicker PPF for higher impact resistance in areas more prone to damage (such as rocker panels) or for the entire installation.

Explain 2-in-1 Products

As you’re guiding a customer to the product that’s right for them, it’s natural to discuss and compare product features. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight new, premium products that deliver the most coveted benefits with a single installation. They’re great for those who come in asking for both PPF and ceramic, only to discover it’s not in their budget.

Reference Kelley Blue Book Value

This one’s a no-brainer. Go to, enter information about your customer’s car, and show them differences in value based on condition. Once they see how much more their car is worth in excellent or very good condition, they’ll be encouraged to protect a larger portion of their finish with PPF. This also helps close sales with customers who need help rationalizing the cost of PPF.

Use Those Live Demo Tools

Most vendors provide shops that carry their products with hands-on displays, tools and more to demonstrate product benefits. Don’t let them collect dust in a corner. Desirable PPF features such as self-healing, impact resistance and hydrophobicity sound good, but it’s more convincing when customers see them work. Demos are a great way to upsell from standard to premium products, and when customers believe in the power of PPF, they’re more likely to go for more coverage, too.

Jacob Motley is the PPF channel marketing manager for Eastman Performance Films, LLC

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