Why You Should Use a Google Business Profile

By Todd Masinelli

This semi-social profile can really boost your reach. Don’t overlook it as you’re building out your online presence.

What it is and Why it Matters

Think of a Google Business Profile as a free and additional way for your shop information to show up in a Google Search. A profile can enhance your presence in search results if you set it up right and maintain it. Your Google Business Profile is separate from your website and requires some effort, but I think it’s worth it to put your most crucial business information—like your reviews and contact information—directly in front of potential customers.

Where to Start

First, claim your business. Sometimes Google will automatically create a profile based on information it finds online. Search the name of your business to see if this is the case. If so, click the link that says something like, “Own this business?” and follow the instructions. If your Google Business Profile doesn’t already exist, go to google.com/business and set yours up from scratch.

How to Build Your Profile

Once you have a profile, activate as much of it as possible. Match the name, phone, address and category to your website, so your Google Business Profile understands the connection between the two. For category, you can select “window tinting service” but if your focus is paint protection film, consider alternatives.

For hours of operation, specify holidays if you’d like. When you get to the website URL, include Google Analytics tracking if possible, but don’t worry about this if you can’t just yet. Appointment URL is a great option if you use a system for online scheduling.

Your business description section is important. Here, share what makes your business special and put critical information in the first 244 characters. The rest will be hidden behind a “more” click. Next up are photos, and I recommend shots of your shop that show customers what to expect. Stay away from stock images or ones with text, and instead show off your waiting area and your install team in action. There is also a section for you to post updates, when you have them.

Reviews and Questions Matter

Monitor and respond to reviews and questions quickly. They matter to customers, and to Google Search as it’s deciding your rank in results. For questions, don’t just copy and paste responses. Authentic, personal replies show existing customers that they made the right choice and demonstrate your values to prospects.

Respond to all reviews. Keep it short for positive reviews, with something like: “Thanks for the kind words.” For negative reviews, respond as if that person were right in front of you—particularly if other customers were also present. Use this real-world knowledge to demonstrate your business values.

Todd Masinelli, digital strategy and marketing manager, Eastman.

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