After over 31 years tinting and 15 years working with paint protection film (PPF), Chris Brooks, Kauffs Tint & Wraps owner, says nothing is too difficult for him.

“But every day is different,” Brooks says, “And that is what I like so much about my job is that I do the same thing every day, but not the same thing every day.”

That’s what Brooks says he loves most about his job: it is always new. Just like the brand new 2020 Tesla Y and Navigator for which he and his team did tinting, PPF and ceramic coatings this summer.

With the Tesla Y, Brooks says the only difference was that it was a brand new body style so they didn’t have a pattern already out, but since they cut both the tint and PPF in their shop it wasn’t much of a challenge. Brooks says nothing is hard for him anymore, it is just a little more time.

“Ten or 12 years ago I’d hurry up as fast as I could to get them out,” Brooks says. “Now I’ve gotten a little older and wiser and realized that you do things at a certain pace so that your customers trust you and that’s how you get to working on cars that are $200,000 up to boats that are millions.”

Brooks summed up that the Tesla Y and Navigator took about two days total to do all the tint, PPF and ceramic coatings. And according to Brooks, most Tesla models are fairly flat among other things that make the job easier and faster.

Because of his experience, Brooks says a $20-million boat doesn’t even phase him, but for someone who has never worked on a high-end car he says take a second to get some advice and asses the job before jumping head first into what could be a bad situation.

“There are so many people who pull door panels, and pull trim out, and pull glass out,” Brooks says, “I don’t think window tint was supposed to be done that way but a lot of people were shown to do it that way and think it’s the only way to do it. Twenty years ago was probably the last time I pulled a panel on a car.”

Brooks says he uses LLumar products for almost all of his jobs including both tint and PPF because he’s spent years using its products and likes its warranty policies.

Brooks has won several awards at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Offs (WFCT), and will be participating as one of the judges for the competition at the 2021 event.

Kyra Thompson wrote this report.

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