The cost of entering the paint protection film (PPF) market is high. The plotters, software programs, training courses and rolls of film needed are a significant investment. Global Hi-Tech Films’ marketing consultant Mark Bollegar looks to provide an alternative pathway into the segment—Door Defense.

Global Hi-Tech Films’ marketing consultant Mark Bollegar was a Ziebart franchisee/owner from 1979 to 1986. Today, he aims to help installers with an entryway into the PPF arena–Door Defense.

Door Defense is a partial PPF package from Global Hi-Tech Films that provides protection for high-traffic areas such as door edges, door sills and door cups. Bollegar created the Door Defense package in 2022.

“A lot of auto restylers are aware of PPF but hesitate because of the cost to enter,” Bollegar says. “Door Defense is our way to help newbies get into the PPF business without having to purchase a plotter, software and an expensive bulk roll of film. Our idea is to help tint, detail and vinyl shops start selling/offering door defense packages to their window film customers, then let the nature of the business take over from there.”

As a Ziebart franchisee/owner from 1979 to 1986, Bollegar spent time on both the marketing and installation sides of the industry.

“Because I was a dealer many years ago, I understand the business from the shop ownership level,” Bollegar says. “I can only promote and sell what I would use myself if I had a shop today. I know what it’s like for these young guys and gals to always push for revenue. If I want to create something that works, I’ve got to get into the trenches and ask the guys and gals that do this every day, ‘Will this work for you?’”

Bollegar hopes that Door Defense sparks curiosity in clients seeking protection.

“How many customers will go, ‘Why don’t I add that to my tint?’ All of a sudden, the salesperson in that shop has someone curious about protecting their car. Now all they need is to be guided,” Bollegar says.

PPFMag Spring 2023 covered shops incorporating ceramic coatings as an add-on service to vinyl wrap and PPF projects. Could partial PPF packages allow window tint businesses to upsell themselves into a sturdier financial position?

“Behind the scenes, that was the thought process,” Bollegar says. “What if these guys could make enough Door Defense sales where they could pay for their rent?”

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  1. There is a 5 : 1 ratio of revenue to material costs in PPF. Cost should not be a barrier in today’s market where PPF is becoming mainstream as ceramic coatings did. If a shop wants to compete in today’s market, they have to invest and expand their offerings to include PPF. What other service can a shop add with a 5 : 1 revenue ratio to material costs. Most window tint shops already have a plotter, pattern software, etc. The most difficult item is skill development. Quality PPF installation takes much longer than learning how to tint car windows but it can be very profitable.

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