Is Ford’s new wrap program a possible boon for business? It may be for at least some wrap companies.

A screenshot of ZENO’s visualizer they’ve developed for Ford.

The Detroit-based car manufacturer took a prominent place in the entranceway at SEMA’s Restyling Hall to promote its soon-to-come nationwide lead generation program. Unlike Tesla, which is using its service centers to install color-change products, Ford is using high-quality installers nationwide.

The program is powered by a software called ZENO, owned by Mississauga, Ontario-based XIX3D, that allows customers who bought a Ford in the past five years to visualize what their car will look like with wraps, gives them a price that is consistent with regional market prices, lets them pay and then funnels them to a certified ZENO installer. It also tracks data points like installation time and customer reviews of the shops to ensure quality control throughout the entire process.

Bill Valway, CEO of AP Corp. and a large wrap provider out of the Baltimore metro area, spoke at length with a ZENO representative on the program.

“It’s pretty well put together,” Valway says. “I was impressed with how well thought out it was as far as the quality control standards that they’re putting in place. They were packaging everything together – Ford is the forward-facing sales engine.”

That said, he has questions—particularly about installation standards.

“On F-150, if their standard is pulling headlights and  taillights out to complete the installation, that’s a lot of work,” he explains. “We have to incorporate extra labor. If they have a standard, it’s different from an advertising wrap standard.”

ZENO has an answer for that.

“We are subject matter experts,” says XIX3D managing partner and director of business development Anthony Spadafora. “I owned a shop for a number of years servicing that industry. We know what vehicles need to be dismantled in what fashion and we know the average wrap time on certain cars across America, we’ve consulted the best in the industry.”

He says they have it down to a science.

“We have developed installation protocols for that for every vehicle and trim level,” even the hinge on a Ford Bronco, he says—which is known to be a more difficult installation.

The program is expected to launch in Q1 2024.

Xix3D put out a commercial explaining the program. It can be seen below:



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