Pairing Up Vehicle Wraps and PPF, is it a Match?

By Jim Black

The addition of paint protection film and vehicle wraps is becoming increasingly popular among film shops. With an overlapping customer base, it’s only natural that a dealer striving to grow its business will look to incorporate PPF and vinyl wraps into their business model as new product offerings.

Vinyl vehicle wraps allow dealers and customers to set their imaginations free with endless designs, patterns, colors and branding possibilities. The entire look of a vehicle is transformed once the wrap is applied. Customers who are willing to make this type of investment are also concerned about maintaining a pristine vehicle appearance. Once the wrap is complete, there is a great opportunity to introduce and upsell a clear paint protection film.

PPF is a great addition to the front bumper, hood and door handles of a wrapped vehicle. It will protect the design of the wrap and maintain the flawless, unique look that the customer desires. It is a clear polyurethane, typically around 6 mm thick that does an excellent job of providing protection against rock chips, acid rain and bug splatter. It also has self-healing properties that allow it to remove light scratches on its own when left in direct sunlight.

Vinyl wraps on the other hand consist of a heavy-duty vinyl with the addition of PVC and are thinner (and a bit easier to work with) than paint protection films. Vinyl wraps also do not offer the self-healing properties of PPF. When used in conjunction with each other, the features and benefits of both products can be achieved in tandem.

If you are a vehicle wrap or PPF installer who has not yet introduced the other into your shop, consider giving it a try. Offering both products gives you the upper hand in being able to fulfill any need or desire your customer may have. While the addition of PPF to a vehicle wrap is not for every customer, you will find those that appreciate the extra layer of protection that will be able to offer.

As a film dealer you possess the skills necessary to excel with both product lines along with the right amount of patience and dedication.

Jim Black is the director of window film sales at Madico, Inc. He can be reached at

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