Google reviews have a massive impact on our businesses. They serve as a tool to boost Google search ranking, capture more leads, improve sales conversion, boost sales, improve brand perception and consumer confidence. The question is, how do we capture and nurture them effectively? Here are five things you can do to get more reviews and grow your digital presence.

  1. Ask for the review

The simplest of them all, ask in person! After a service is complete and you have closed out the transaction, ask how everything went. If the feedback is positive, explain how Google reviews are vital to a small business and how this simple task will really help everyone who made their experience memorable. Often, they will leave a review before they exit the front door. Many times, clients get busy and forget to leave a review, but if you can capture them while the experience is fresh, you have the highest chance of success. A large QR code on the front desk taking them to the review section also doesn’t hurt.

  1. Send an automated text

If you were not able to capture the review in person, another extremely effective measure is a follow-up text with a review link. This can be executed through many CRMs. Once the client walks out the door, close out the job or transaction and send an automated review text. If done right, they will step into their newly clean vehicle and get the text before they drive off the lot. This has been one of the best tools to gather massive amounts of reviews.

  1. Place a follow-up call

A good old-fashioned follow-up call. This step is still effective and does a great job adding a personal touch while putting your business back in the client’s mind. After about five to six days, call the client personally, ask how they are enjoying the work and explain again just how impactful a review would be and if they have just a few minutes it would mean the world.

  1. Leave a personal touch

Personal service creates raving fans. Create a client experience centered on communication and getting the client excited about the work. Photo/text updates are a great way to strengthen the business-client relationship. The stronger the relationship, the more apt a client is to help you and almost feel obligated to leave a review.

  1. Provide value

Providing great service and producing high-quality work will certainly help get more five-star reviews. However, I believe perceived value also plays a key role. During the client pickup, I explain in detail the small steps, the hard-to-reach compartment in the truck we were able to clean and the extra wrapping we did to make the PPF install seamless. Many times, clients don’t fully understand what truly goes into a project. Explaining those steps makes them feel like they received so much more than they paid for, which in turn creates value!

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