A paint protection film (PPF) panel was one of the many highlights at this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off, in Indianapolis, Ind. PPF experts who were included on the panel were Hamza Nadeem, Get Detailed Toronto CEO; Brodie Mathews, president and CEO, DeCo Tint PPF Wrap a Tint America Company; and Carl Melendez, owner, 631 Coatings. During the session they took turns answering attendee questions, as well as giving advice to the audience. The panel of experts was moderated by Window Film magazine editorial director, Tara Taffera.

Pictured from left to right: Tara Taffera, Brodie Mathews, Hamza Nadeem, and Carl Melendez.

One notable question centered on timing. “How long is acceptable to keep a customer’s car?” “We keep our cars for 5-7 days and price them accordingly,” said Mathews, an answer that seemed to surprise some.

Won’t the customer complain about being without a car, one attendee asked? “Nine times out of ten the exotic car guy has another car to drive,” said Melendez. “And if they don’t it’s helpful to set up an account with a car rental company to offer loaners. We wrap the Enterprise cars for free and we have a fleet account set up with them so we can use their cars as rentals,” he added.

Another discussion area was must have items for PPF shops. For Mathews it’s all about lighting.

“I will never stop adding lighting to my store,” he said. “It’s like heaven shining down. I am going to add it to the walls soon.”

Melendez mentioned an item that may have surprised some but he puts it at the top of his must-have list—a downdraft air purifier system. “That and working on a lift is key,” he said. “It’s easier on the body plus you aren’t laying in fluid.”

When the conversation then turned to how to find employees willing to put the wear-and-tear on their bodies that a film career requires, the panelists said yes they will hire employees with no experience but all emphasized the importance of training.

“Get your B and C rolls and just have them wrap things such as a refrigerator, etc.–anything that is flat,” said Nadeem. “There are also grants you can use to get your employees trained. Take advantage of those.”

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