A lifetime of racing has resulted in what Lamin-X employees hope will be a lucrative business endeavor in Europe.

After launching its own paint protection film (PPF) line in late 2023, Lamin-X has already inked a deal with German company Promofolia to distribute that and its headlight films across Western Europe.


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“They are well ingrained within the European motorsports industry and support for the PPF/tint/wrap markets in Germany,” says Chris Wadle, Lamin-X CEO. “We’re super excited about the relationship and brand expansion overseas.”

Wadle has spent his life in the racing world and the partnership formed out of that. Promofolia previously did business with another PPF supplier but Lamin-X is now the company’s new, exclusive partner.

Promofolia provides a windshield tear-off that’s popular in racing. It’s similar to a windshield protection film and gets removed layer by layer as the top one takes on damage from a race.

Joachim Neuweiler, owner of Promofolia, says the partnership is a natural fit.

“Becoming the exclusive distributor of Lamin-X in Europe is a pivotal moment for Promofolia,” he explains. “This partnership extends beyond distribution, shaping our identity as not just automotive enthusiasts but as pioneers in surface protection and design. Our initial focus is on igniting a spark within the motorsports industry, bringing Lamin-X to the forefront of the motorsports industry.”

“It’s a complementary industry to paint protection film,” Wadle says. “Because they do distribution of that throughout Europe, they’re a great partner of us.”

Tint and PPF suppliers have long-sponsored car racing events and racing-adjacent lines. Wadle says it’s a great place to get exposure.

“If you establish your brand in the racing world, you have an opportunity to expand into other things,” he says, noting he’s hopeful the partnership will help Lamin-X score some deal at the OEM level.

“Is it difficult to get in? Yeah – it’s difficult, but if you have the right relationships, it can really be worthwhile for you,” he says, noting it’s a great place to showcase products of the protective nature. “The amount of abuse the product is taking is a testament to the quality.  We built from that foundation into the public sector.”

The deal opens Lamin-X up to distribution across Western Europe and also the U.K.

Lamin-X isn’t the only film supplier to bet on motorsports to gain exposure. In 2023, XPEL teamed up with Team Penske at the INDYCAR series and recently sponsored an Australian race in a big way. LLumar also sponsors Chase Elliott, a NASCAR racer, to give exposure to its window film and PPF line.

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