Madico Inc. introduced Protekt. It’s an advanced paint protection film that safeguards vehicles against scratches, chemicals, stones, bugs, sand, salt, and discoloration.

The film guards against stones, gravel, sand, scratches, winter salt, and other flying objects while providing clarity, according to the company. Madico’s transparent paint protection film keeps vehicles looking factory-new longer.

It cuts easily by plotter or by hand, and offers a simple installation, the company says. Optically clear, Protekt PPF’s top coat eliminates fine lines over time and is backed by a 7 year warranty.

“Protekt PPF is by far the best PPF offering that we have ever had. The initial feedback has been extremely positive, and demand has been great, largely due to its quality, ease of installation, versatility and competitive price,” Jeffrey Plummer, Madico senior vice president of sales and marketing, said.

The film protects the paint finish on more than just cars and trucks. It provides protection to RVs, ATVs, jet skis, boats, motorcycles, tractors and commercial vehicles as well. Protekt can be installed on the hood, front and rear bumpers, grill, side mirrors, roof, quarter panels, door edges, truck beds, door frames, utility racks and more.

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