Maxpro’s Allison Parker holds more than a decade of industry experience.

This week’s International Women’s Day spotlights the achievements of women around the world. Today, PPFMag honors Allison Parker, sales specialist at paint protection film (PPF) supplier Maxpro and co-owner of Suntamers Window Tinting in Burlington and Oak Island, N.C.

Parker operates Suntamers Window Tinting with her husband Ricky Parker and holds more than a decade of experience in the film industry.

PPF: What is it like working at a supplier and managing operations at a dealer?
Parker: When I’m talking to film shops and selling film, I understand their struggles and what they have going on because I’m going through it at my shop. It helps to be a rep because I see both sides of the industry.

PPF: You’ve worked in the industry for more than a decade. Why have you stuck around?
Parker: I love the people; I love my customers. Over time, they become your friends. This industry is so tightly knit. We all know each other and have developed great friendships over the years. I also worked in the veterinary field, and I loved it. I’d say my two loves are animals and window film.

Maxpro’s Allison Parker with recent Window Film Hall of Fame inductee Joe Cobbe.

PPF: What is your proudest industry accomplishment?
Parker: We started Maxpro from the ground up, and I’ve grown so much. We’ve developed so much business. I always say that Maxpro is my baby because we grew from nothing to what we are now. It’s exciting. My best accomplishment is helping grow Maxpro.

PPF: What was it like seeing Maxpro president/CEO Joe Cobbe inducted into the Window Film Hall of Fame?
Parker: I nominated him because people don’t realize who he is and the experience he has. Joe is amazing to work for. He has so much knowledge; you can call him, and he just pulls numbers out of his head. You can call him at the drop of a hat, and he has an answer. It was awesome to see him honored. He deserved it.

PPF: Can you speak to the growth of PPF?
Parker: At our shop, we didn’t used to offer PPF. Now, window tinting, PPF and ceramic coatings go hand-in-hand. The profit margin is huge, and it’s a great product and a huge market for dealers.

PPF: Shifting to International Women’s Day, where does our industry stand regarding diversity and female inclusion?
Parker: This industry has always been male-driven. I love to see women grow in this industry. I love to see more women shop owners, and I love that there is a day focused on women. We can do great things in this world, too.

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