Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Tara Taffera

It’s a pretty typical part of my job, and of my fellow editorial staffers here: We are working on a story and we want some input, so we go to social media to solicit feedback. The end result is usually predictable—and rarely overwhelming. That is, until the day I asked you—the PPF community—for input. That is the day I wondered where you have been all of my journalistic life.

There is a Facebook group called Paint Protection Film Professionals, to which I belong. So, as I was preparing to fire off emails to all those who would be considered for PPF Magazine’s top PPF Dealers (see page 8), when I thought: “Isn’t there a PPF group on Facebook? I’m going to post something there just in case there are some companies in the group that may qualify and want to submit their info.” No sooner did I hit publish, than the emails started coming in.

And these messages included ones from multiple company owners telling me they would love to talk to me, to tell their unique stories of how they are having great success with PPF.

A few weeks after that initial Facebook post, I was helping Emmariah Holcomb, WINDOW FILM assistant editor, research an article she would write on ceramic coatings (see page 10). So I went back to all those people who had emailed me and said, “Do you also offer ceramic coatings, and if yes, would you be willing to talk to Emm for her story?” Thirteen people immediately emailed me back. Many of them wanted to share the successes they have found with this product category as well.

Another thing I loved is that when people emailed me, most of them made a point of giving me their Instagram handles, encouraging WINDOW FILM to follow them on this social media platform. For PPF installers, Instagram is where they can showcase their work.

If you are one of those who emailed me, and you haven’t heard back from Emm or me yet, don’t worry, you will—we want to tell your stories. Believe me when I say: We have never had this problem before. Having too many people to talk to? That’s one we will gladly embrace.

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