Genesis Wins

By Casey Flores

It’s hard to believe so much time has passed. Eight years ago, Window Film magazine acquired TintTV. We did so for two reasons: the previous creators wanted to focus on their tint shop and we wanted to create a show that profiled successful tint shops under the brand name. To do this, we searched far and wide for the perfect shop for episode one—and settled on Genesis Window Tinting out of Elk Grove, Calif.

Eight years later, Genesis partner Josh Maharajh was named the world’s best PPF installer at the 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™, netting the $10,000 top prize. Genesis has had other winners in previous years as well, so what are they doing right?

While tinters from all kinds of shops take the top prize, if the regular shops operations of the winners are any indication, here are some definitive characteristics of winners:


Installers at Genesis Window Tinting never lack work. The company has forged relationships with local auto dealers. For a certain nearby Audi dealership, up to eight out of ten cars sold are getting window tint or PPF and that sole dealership nets Genesis up to four installations a day.


Walk into Genesis Window Tinting’s shop and you’ll immediately feel at ease. The lobby area is pristine and gives customers the confidence to spend their money.


Partners at Genesis are nothing if not hungry to be the best. The company regularly sends its installers to compete at WFCT while Elk Grove operations continue running smoothly. Genesis’s websites and social media are among the cleanest, most professional you’ll see.

With its high performance, it wasn’t too surprising to see Genesis take home the trophy at WFCT this year. Of installation shops nationwide, they operate among the best of the best of businesses.

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