What Lies Ahead

By Katherine Coig

I thought I knew more about paint protection film (PPF) than I really do, which became evident when I was planning for this issue. Despite having limited knowledge of its technologies, PPF is one of my favorite products because this add-on service quickly can become a profit-driver for some shops.

The Past

Casey Flores, PPFMag’s first editor, did a great job bringing this magazine to life and shepherding it into its second year. We know from the numerous requests we received for it that we have only scratched the surface (no pun intended) of what to offer.

While Flores did an amazing job capturing the market, I’m excited to see the possibilities that are ahead for the magazine and also for the PPF industry.

The Present

In other news, I’d like to introduce you to PPFMag’s first columnist: Chris DiMinico, president of AutoNuvo in Holliston, Mass. You may recognize the name, as he also blogs for WindowFilmMag.com. In his column, “On the Surface,” (see page 3) you can expect to find advice dedicated exclusively to PPF from a company that specializes in all facets of vehicle paint protection.

In this issue’s column, he discusses the value of “layering protection,” a combination of PPF and ceramic coatings.

And the Future

A major part of any magazine’s success is its readership. But being an industry magazine, PPFMag’s readership plays another vital role—you’re also one of the main sources of information.

So let’s get down to business: as mentioned, my knowledge of all things PPF is limited but growing every day, so just as I’ll be doing my best to get a better grasp of the product, please feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions you may have. Whether you’re looking for installation advice, marketing tips or you just have a really good story to share, my inbox is open.

Katherine Coig is the editor of PPFMag.
She may be reached at kcoig@glass.com.

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