That’s a Wrap

By Casey Flores

And just like that, PPFMag’s first year in existence comes to an end. Of course, we will continue to cover the PPF industry throughout the rest of 2016 (and beyond), but for now this publication has two issues: one in the spring and one in the summer. Throughout the year-one journey, a couple of things became apparent.


People were waiting for this magazine—that’s evident by a number of measures. Its website is now packed with content and visited on a
consistent basis. Shops that only do PPF are subscribing in droves, and everybody wants their company featured in these pages. And the only
trade show to feature PPF—the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™—will have its largest exhibition floor and worldwide competition ever this year.


This industry’s only getting started. While next year there will be two issues of PPFMag again, as the product catches on and is used for more mainstream purposes (not just cars), the magazine will expand with the market. There will be more to cover in terms of installations, technology, tools and everything else that makes trade publications such an important resource.

As it expands, more suppliers will emerge, niche markets will be discovered, and most importantly, businesses will grow—and you’ll read all about it here.

There’s still much work to be done. Less than ten percent of cars have the product applied, and while demand is growing, the majority of people are ignorant about PPF and its benefits. Once they learn, though, the sell is easy.

So well done to those of you who’ve created the demand for such a dynamic and versatile product. We’ll pick up again next spring with the first issue of 2017. Until then, look to for all the industry updates.

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