Closing on Year Two

By Katherine Coig

Well, PPFMag officially has year number two under its belt, and, I have to say, 2017 has been quite a year thus far for the industry as well. That’s evident by the number of manufacturers who’ve entered the market, as well as the new technologies the product sported at trade shows. All this makes me wonder what’s in store at the 2017 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) shows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For Now

Let me start by stating the obvious: PPF is an expensive product—it’s clear, which means it doesn’t always sell itself, and Instagram pictures don’t exactly highlight all that it has to offer. Jamie Werner, national sales manager at PremiumShield, said something that stuck with me: PPF installers don’t need to know how to install, they have that part figured out. They need to know the best ways to sell it and what markets are open to pursue.

Not everyone is a salesperson, but to achieve high profit margins, it’s going to take some out-of-the-box thinking and possibly a pitch. To read Werner’s advice, visit page 16.

And For Later

Spring ‘18 may seem like a long time away, but I have a feeling it will be here before we know it. As PPFMag heads into its third year, I’d like to add something new to the Spring issue, something specific to its installers to represent its market growth—PPFMag’s very own Top Dealers.

If you’re reading this issue, I can only assume you’re familiar with WINDOW FILM magazine since they come together. Once a year, the publication highlights window film companies who earn top dollars. I’d like to extend that to PPFMag to get a sense for how the industry is really growing.

If you think your company has high PPF profits, send me an email at, and we’ll get this feature started. If you forget by springtime, don’t worry. I’ll be here to remind you. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in October at WFCT.

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