Steady Growth

By Emmariah Holcomb

Growth is something all businesses want. This magazine issue might be what your shop and installers need when it comes to achieving growth through paint protection film (PPF). The more I get involved with it, the more I realize there’s a great interest from window film shops in adding PPF services. Though it wasn’t available years ago, shops would have jumped at the chance to integrate something new. But PPF is now second nature for many shops. They not only offer it, but invest in training employees and educating customers about the protective option.

The growing trend has proven itself to be profitable, if done right. But how does a shop expand on new services without a central resource?

This issue of PPFMag will be the first time it includes a Buyers Guide (see page 12).

PPFMag strives to bring readers content along with tackling misconceptions about it and its related products, but why include a Buyer’s Guide now you might ask. The answer is simple—it’s time for growth through change, and including it helps enhance and educate the PPF community.

The goal is to make it an annual piece that gives you a comprehensive listing of industry suppliers and distributors all in one place. The magazine aims to keep you up to speed with the Buyers Guide.

This industry is unique in that many shop owners and installers I work with tell me they still have to make extensive searches to find the products they want. The way I see it, adding a Buyers Guide will limit the amount of time spent hitting dead ends looking elsewhere. Anything that will help put PPF at the forefront should be something worth having. This new resource is something that was seen as a need by the very people who find themselves elbow-deep in squeegees and film. If you’re interested in seeing an expanded list that also includes window film categories, go to

Hopefully the additional resource is one that will help you and your business continue its growth.

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