Live From WFCT

By Chris Collier

A month removed from The International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT), and I still reflect on my experiences there daily. I guess you could say the industry left an impression.

Prior to WFCT 2021, I had a month and some change of work experience under my belt. I had already conducted several interviews virtually, but it was WFCT’s inaugural, in-person connections that molded my industry understanding. Jeremiah Bienko of 813-TINTING was my first connection and conversation. As part of his three-day wrap experience, Bienko was  wrapping a McLaren and Lamborghini.

Another memorable connection came when I visited Global Window Films. Industry veterans Bill Stewart and Fred Zwilling were displaying Global Window Films’ second generation of PPF.

“PPF is a product that ever-evolves,” Stewart said. “The market demands create change in the products. If you look at all of the other manufacturers in the industry, there’s always been multiple variations. It’s part of the nature of the product.”

As PPF advances, so does my industry understanding. I visited XPEL and the center of the booth was an arctic white Jaguar F-Type with a visual icy enough to chill Orlando’s scorching temperatures. XPEL offered attendees the opportunity to install PPF on the shimmering spectacle throughout WFCT. Brian Prochilo, OEM technical specialist, said the hands-on applications were a testament to the company’s training program.

Education, exhibition and engagement—the defining traits of WFCT—fully registered and pieced themselves together on day three. At XPEL’s booth, I saw it all. It dawned on me that WFCT is an all-inclusive union of people, products and practice that accompanies attendees on their journey back to their shop—wherever that may be.

Chris Collier is the assistant editor of PPFMag. Email him at and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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