What started as a simple protective film has clearly evolved. With continued growth in paint protection film (PPF) and increased car prices, drivers are protecting their cars like never before. The 2023 SEMA show will feature more PPF than ever, ranging from clear to matte to color-hued finishes. Here’s a bit of what you’ll see at the show.

FlexiShield Dry-Apply Color Paint Protection Film
Booth #12428

FlexiShield is offing a product it says will be groundbreaking. Its Dry-Apply Color Paint Protection Film is a fusion of PPF and vinyl wrap. Besides its dry application method, the product features self-healing properties, heat curability and is stain-resistant . The product is also available in a range of colors and finishes from matte to metallic.

Ivios Carbon Paint Protection Films
Booth #12427

Ivios is bringing its Kaizer Carbon Imperial Blue PPF and Kaizer Forged Carbon Burgundy PPF to the SEMA show. These products provide a three-dimensional effect, according to the company, and bring color expression and high gloss to the paint protection market. The films will be showcased on VAR500X, Bessel Aerospace’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) model, at its booth.

Eastman Performance Films Core
Booth #52051

Eastman will highlight its Core product, a cutting software, which attendees can test drive at the company’s booth. According to Eastman, the software simplifies navigation, enhances pattern editing and offers precise cutting. It features thousands of patterns , and it’s available in desktop, web and mobile versions.

Sharpline CXG-9 Ceramic Sealant
Booth #51141

Sharpline will display its CXG-9 ceramic sealant, a 9H ceramic coating designed to repel and protect vehicles from environmental hazards while providing a glossy appearance to automotive painted surfaces. CXG-9 comes in a 50-ml bottle, enough for an average of two sedans. The coating installs quickly, offering protection against harmful UV rays, stains and damage caused by bird droppings and chemicals. With a hardness rating of 9H, it ensures a “candy-like” gloss appearance without caking, sticky residue or dust, according to the company. It also provides five-year protection.

Maxpro Max Armor
Booth #54153

Maxpro is launching its Max Armor PPF featuring a 10-year limited warranty. The product offers durability, stain-resistance, and includes a matte siliconized PET liner. It is available in premium gloss, black gloss and matte finishes.

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