Clayton Summerall, owner of Mint Tinting and now PPF Bros, works on a Chevrolet truck.

The owners of CoolVu College Station in College Station, Texas, and Mint Tinting in Bryan, Texas, announced a new business called PPF Bros. CoolVu College Station focuses on flat glass work for the commercial and residential segments. In contrast, Mint Tinting works on automotive tint and specialty projects. PPF Bros launches as an authorized STEK and Geoshield USA dealer in Bryan, Texas, in March 2023.

Chris Baker, owner of CoolVu College Station and now PPF Bros, has spent 10 years in the film industry and eight years in the PPF segment. Baker has experience with PPF as the lead installer for multiple luxury dealerships.

“I’m bringing my extensive knowledge to PPF Bros and will serve as a leader and trainer for our company,” Baker says.

Clayton Summerall, owner of Mint Tinting and now PPF Bros, has experience handling large projects, from six-figure flat glass jobs to NASA projects. Clayton brings enthusiasm for the PPF world and marketing experience.

“After working with the biggest companies in the world and working on multi-million dollar projects, I feel confident in handling every challenge you can throw at me,” Summerall adds.

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