PPF Products at a Glance

2019 might be in full swing, but let’s not forget about a few paint protection film (PPF) products that helped to closeout 2018 in a successful fashion.

Rayno: Creed Protection Film

Rayno Window Films took vehicle protection to a new level in 2018 when it launched its Creed paint protection film. According to the company, it provides the ultimate defense against anything the road can throw at a vehicle’s paint.

Creed is a product of the company’s nano-coating technology. The film’s protective properties act as an invisible shield, thanks to a thin, clear layer. Some of its notable features include self-healing, which works without hot water or heat, and takes less than three minutes, according to the company. The product’s adhesive layer doesn’t leave behind any residue and is designed to install cleanly.

New Ceramic Coatings from XPEL

XPEL introduced its Fusion Plus ceramic coating this year, and the
company reports that it’s already gaining in popularity. The nano-ceramic, clear liquid coating is applied to paint, glass, vinyl and over paint protection films to provide a fortified layer of vehicle protection.

The new ceramic coating seals and protects vehicle surfaces from environmental contaminants, including pollutants, tree and insect acids. XPEL Fusion Plus also shields against harmful ultra violet rays and corrosion and, according to the company, helps reduce the amount of oxidation, which can result in dull, faded paint.

XPEL’s latest product is scratch-resistant and helps to protect against swirl marks and minor wash scratches, in order to maintain a sleek, high-gloss finish.

Fusion Plus carries a comprehensive warranty for four years from the date of application, upon registration, and when maintained in accordance with warranty terms and conditions.

QDP Ceramic by Global Window Films

Global Window Films introduced its QDP ceramic film under the company’s premium automotive line. The film has a lifetime warranty that covers not only the product, but also reinstallation and labor.

QDP is free from metals and gives off a charcoal tone. According to the company, the film also has an ultraviolet rejection rate of 99 percent and is scratch resistant—two features that help to extend the life of the product.

Eastman Debuts Higher Impact-Resistant Paint Protection Film

Eastman Performance Films LLC showcased its latest innovation by expanding its paint protection film (PPF) portfolio with a highly impact-resistant offering. Produced under the LLumar and SunTek brand names, company officials say its new film leans on advanced film technologies and Eastman’s hydrophobic top coats offer the highest level of impact resistance available among clear, self-healing products.

Eastman’s new film is approximately 50 percent thicker and provides stronger protection for high impact areas when compared to other of LLumar and SunTek’s standard PPFs.

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