Ceramic Films

Wintech Window Films Hits a Double

Wintech Window Films has introduced three new products: the Nano Ceramic Film (X900), a paint protection film (APPS) and a mirror film.

The X900 nano ceramic film is marketed as having 90 percent IR rejection on all VLTs, with easy shrinkability and clear visibility, according to the company. The Advanced Paint Protection Solution (APPS) is “self-healing” and has a high gloss finish.

MotoShield Offers Solar Protection

MotoShield Pro offers what it calls “superior solar protection for the road” with its line of Nano Ceramic Tint films. The company says the Nano Ceramic films offer 99-percent UV rejection and block up to 99 percent of infrared radiation rays, resulting in customers experiencing reduced temperatures of up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The product line includes visible light transmissions of 5-, 15-, 25-, 35-, 50-, 70- and 75 percent, with professional tint rolls, uncut tint rolls and precut films.

Professional tint rolls are sold in 100-foot rolls for professional installers and are available in 20-, 40-, and 60-inch rolls.

Paint Protection Film

Takin’ it to the Max

Maxpro Window Films has released the MaxArmor Paint Protection Film, billed as “defense from every element” and is said to be designed to protect against rocks, insects, sand, salt, and other hazards that may damage the paint on a new car.

The company says MaxArmor is “practically invisible” and “offers versatile installation” for challenging curves. Maxpro also says it doesn’t require post-installation maintenance.

Additionally, the paint protection film offers: outstanding clarity; scratch, mar and stain resistance; yellowing resistance; a self-leveling hydrophobic surface; and a 10-Year limited warranty.

Johnson Reintroduces Hybrid, Releases New PPF Line

Johnson Window Films has released a hybrid ceramic window film for commercial and residential installations. The new film, Palisade offers increased heat rejection, a neutral shade and a nano-ceramic additive that increases selective infrared heat rejection while keeping both interior and exterior reflectance as low as possible.

Palisade was discontinued three years ago but has been reintroduced with a new formula and look. The new construction of aluminum and dyed charcoal infused with a ceramic additive result in a high-performing film with superior solar properties, the company says. With the new formula, Palisade is one of Johnson’s highest-performing films available with what the company calls heat rejection qualities that can significantly reduce energy costs in a home or office.

Palisade comes with a competitive, comprehensive manufacturer’s

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