Protekt the Investment

Madico’s Protekt paint protection film (PPF) keeps cars looking new longer with a top coat protecting against common road debris such as gravel, tar, and bug residue. The product is optically clear and virtually self-healing, ensuring small scratches and abrasions in the film disappear over time. The Madico Advanced Cutting System (MACS) is an ideal pairing that helps dealers cut precise PPF patterns, according to the company.

Map it Out

The 3M Pattern and Solutions Center (PSC) is a tool featuring thousands of PPF and window film patterns going back more than 10 model years. The technology allows for quicker, less-wasteful installs, according to the company. Its pattern feedback system also allows 3M’s team to make responsive pattern corrections, staying up to date on the patterns and features installers need.

Wintech Protects More Than Windows

Wintech introduced APPS (Advanced Paint Protection Solution) as its new PPF for 2022. A clear, 6 mil polyurethane film, this new release includes an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The film protects paint from chips, scratches, and debris through self-healing performance and stain resistance capacity, according to the company.

Worldwide Protection

Global PPF is super gloss, soft to stretch, swiftly self heals at room temperature, and includes a hydrophobic clear coat. Manufactured in an ISO-9001:2015 certified facility, the company says its product delivers premium quality.

IVIOS Unveils Kaizer PPF

New film brand IVIOS introduced its Kaizer PPF, featuring anti-fouling
performance and robust solvent resistance against chemical solvents, dye solutions, oils, fuels, or acidic solvents. The product also contains a high level of transparency due to thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) base-film. Lastly, the film achieves a high-gloss surface with advanced top-coating technology.

Max-imum Defense

Maxpro’s MAX ARMOR automotive PPF shields vehicles for years of long-lasting investment protection, according to the company. The practically-invisible, versatile product features longevity, durability, and toughness and protects against rocks, sand, salt, and insects.

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