Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Maxpro’s Max Armor PPF

Maxpro’s Max Armor PPF was designed to protect vehicles from damage with its defense against rocks, sand and salt, insects and other hazards. According to the company, the product is practically invisible and versatile to suit any adverse environment. Max Armor’s longevity, durability and toughness include a 10-year limited warranty. Max Armor is now available in a premium gloss, black gloss and matte finish.

Rock Chip Protection from Owner’s Pride

Owner’s Pride’s mission is to never stop innovating its ceramic protection products, according to the company. This has led to the creation of Owner’s Pride PPF Ceramic. It’s commonly accepted that PPF is a great first line of defense when guarding paint against unsightly chips. However, road debris can still penetrate PPF and cause damage. The product comes with a warranty that—in the event road debris penetrates the newly installed PPF and causes
damage to the paint of the protected surface— will pay to repair the damage as well as the reapplication of the PPF film on the affected surface.

Showcase at Clif Designs

Clif Designs, a film brand specializing in automotive style and protection, offers various types of PPF, windshield film and window tint film. The company’s Pearl PPF Series provides a natural pearl effect and surface polishing effect to make a car’s color soft and gracious, according to the company.

A New PPF from IVIOS

Global film brand Ivios announced the launch of Kaizer Z12 PPF, a new product offering protective function and durability.

Ivios’ Kaizer Z12 Paint Protection Film is a 12-mil thick product. It provides an upgraded protective function with improved elasticity. This is a PPF created by applying the Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology, a unique top-coating technology independently developed by Ivios’ Coating and Material Science Laboratory, according to the company.

The Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology prevents the surface of a PPF product from being contaminated by pollutants in various environments, helping the product maintain its exterior condition longer. Kaizer Z12 provides stain resistance, non-yellowing, solvent resistance and durability along with strong protection, making it ideal for high-end cars and sports cars, as well as off-road vehicles exposed to rough road conditions and environments.

Worldwide Protection from Global Hi-Tech Films

Global Hi-Tech Films PPF products are made with a pro-quality six mil thermoplastic polyurethane film that includes a self-healing hydrophobic topcoat designed to protect paint finishes from scratches, scuffs and stains. The pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive is installer-friendly and the silicon liner is easy to remove, according to the company.

Two New Paint Protection Films From Madico

Protekt FlexPro PPF by Madico offers an improved, premium self-healing topcoat, more forgiving adhesive and optimal stretch and flexibility. The excellent stretch and flex keeps the top coat intact while the forgiving adhesive allows for easier repositioning.

Protekt HD PPF by Madico offers clarity with a topcoat that provides stain resistance and gloss. Protekt HD features a hydrophobic, self-healing finish for easy cleaning. The high-tack adhesive makes it ideal for wrapping edges while mitigating edge lifting when installing on dynamically-curved surfaces.

ProtektPPF by Madico helps keep vehicles looking new longer with a topcoat that protects against common road debris such as gravel, tar and bug residue, according to the company.

Wintech’s Product Line up

Wintech’s PPF brand is APPS (Advanced Paint Protection Solution). APPS now offers Clear, Matte and Black PPF. These Polyurethane PPFs are hydrophobic, self-healing and stain resistant. Additional benefits are easy installation, high durability and longevity. APPS protects automotive surfaces from both expected and unexpected circumstances, according to the company.

General Services

EPD’s Service and Product Offerings

Energy Products Distribution (EPD) is a Master Distributor of 3M paint protection films, 3M ceramic coatings, 3M window films, 3M Wrap Film Series 2080, 3M glass finishes, 3M Pattern and Solutions Center Pattern Software, Bray Super Stretch Windshield Protection, Graphtec Plotters and installation tools. According to the company, EPD is a distributor offering its dealers the tools necessary to start, manage and grow their businesses. EPD University also offers an in-person and online film school featuring hands-on installation and virtual sales, marketing and product knowledge training. EPD Partner Portal is an online portal available 24 hours a day where a dealer can access relevant information such as price lists, technical documents, marketing assets and other useful information. The company is also the creator of Career Connect, an online job marketplace that caters to the automotive and architectural film industry, helping pair a dealer looking for labor with an installer looking for employment.

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