PPF Products at Fall Shows

WFCT and SEMA 2018 will be here before you know it, and PPFMag is featuring new products that will be on display. SEMA will be held in Las Vegas from October 30 to November 2. WFCT is September 27-29 in San Antonio.

Booth #12461

Protekt PPF by Madico

Madico Inc. introduced Protekt this year and it will be a featured product at the company’s booth. It’s an advanced paint protection film that safeguards vehicles against damaging road debris.

The film guards against stones, gravel, sand, scratches, winter salt, and other flying objects while providing clarity, according to the company. Madico’s transparent paint protection film keeps vehicles looking factory-new longer, protecting the vehicle owner’s investment and saving them money on costly repairs and repainting.

Protekt is a transparent paint protection film with a proprietary top coat that’s resistant to scratches, chemicals, stains and discoloration. The film cuts easily by plotter or by hand, and offers a simple installation, the company says. Optically clear, Protekt PPF’s top coat eliminates fine lines over time and is backed by a seven-year warranty.

The film protects the paint finish on more than just cars and trucks. It provides protection to RVs, ATVs, jet skis, boats, motorcycles, tractors and commercial vehicles as well. Protekt can be installed on the hood, front and rear bumpers, grill, side mirrors, roof, quarter panels, door edges, truck beds, door frames, utility racks and more.

Booth #12421 and #12803

Automotive PPF by KDX

KDX Window Film is displaying its automotive paint protection film. The company says its PPF products have been tested to be durable and self-healing. This film protects against scratches, chips from rocks, and wear and tear, according to the company. It also isolates the automotive paint from the air to protect the car’s surface from erosion caused by acid rain, tar, bird droppings, etc. The paint protection film is ultra-bright with high definition and protects the color and gloss of the automotive paint. It can avoid oxidation and maintain paint quality, the company adds.

Booth #12117

Paint Protection Film by Eastman

Eastman Performance Films, LLC, is featuring LLumar® and SunTek® window tint and paint protection film in this year’s show.

The LLumar section will launch its newest paint scheme on the No. 88 LLumar Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. It will also demonstrate how simple its ceramic window tint is to heat-shrink on the Camaro. Meanwhile, the SunTek section will focus on enhancements to its TruCut paint protection and window film cutting software.

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