Ceramic Films

IRide in Style and Comfort with 3M 6

Using “advanced nano-ceramic technology,” 3M has introduced its ceramic IR series, developed to provide a “high level of infrared rejection.” The company says the technology provides up to 95-percent infrared rejection and likens it to using 5G devices to stay connected.

The IR series of film falls in line with the rest of 3M’s automotive window films, improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays. The series is available in a neutral color.

PPF Software

Avery Dennison Cuts Some PPF Software

The newest product from Avery Dennison ties the company’s paint protection film to its new Paint Protection Film Cutting Software. This combination offers bumper-to-bumper film protection and a software library featuring thousands of pre-cut templates, which the company says helps maximize film and installation performance. The company says the product was developed to help window film dealers deliver an exact fit. In addition to paint protection film, Avery Dennison says its Cutting Software also improves the signage capabilities for applications applied in transportation, architecture, short-term advertising and general signage uses.

It also features manually, hand-nested files to save more material than automated nesting; the ability to see the square footage of each kit for easy, quick pricing to a customer; wrapped and unwrapped edge kits.

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