The Focus on PPF/CC e-newsletter generated popular news articles since the last issue of PPFMag. What were’s noteworthy stories since our last issue?

1 Failure and Film: A Profitable Combination

Gabe Fletcher, owner of Ceramic Pro Pottstown and Detailing Growth in Pottstown, Pa., says failure propelled him further. This article details his challenges he faced in becoming a top-tier business.

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2 Taurus Auto Detailing Reconsiders Follow-Up Procedure

Sean Hutchisson, owner of Taurus Auto Detailing, says current follow-up procedures have clogged his company’s wash bays. As a result, his detailers are short on time for profitable work—so he took to the forums to ask fellow shop owners.

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3 Beyond Sales: Behind the Scenes of Territorial Management

Justin Mercier, terriroty manager for Eastern Canada and New England at Tekton Performance Films, details how territory managers push PPF noteworthy leadership that entails more than just selling boxes of film.

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4 WFCT 2023 Shop Spotlights: Simple Details in Virginia Beach

Yohance Fleming, owner of Simple Details in Virginia Beach, Va., explains why film has become his main line of business. With tint and PPF now at the helm, he’s regularly working on some of the nation’s sickest rides.

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5 New Hotel Added for WFCT 2023

Demand for the 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ in Virginia Beach was so high that the conference had to add three host hotels when the others booked out. As a result, attendees flocked to this article to book their last-minute hotel rooms.

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