Marketing Tips from the Champs: Here’s How the Tint-Off™ Winners Attract New Business

Best friends since the age of nine, Andrew Garcia and Kyle Murdock are the duo behind OzBraz in Gilbert, Ariz. You may recognize their names, as Murdock was the 2017 PPF Tint-Off™ gold medalist, and Garcia, the bronze winner.

Both men have been installing for at least a decade, but their shop opened only two years ago. Despite this, they’re clearly doing something right since we all know “practice makes perfect.” Here’s how the pair attracts customers as a new business.

1. When we started off, I knew right away that our retail sales would be
down some. Coming in, you’ve got to start making a name for yourself. You can’t come into a market and expect to be number one. I went door-to-door to any car shop and detailer—that’s kind of our specialty because we know we can provide them a quality install. The business can sell [PPF] to the customer, and we can complete the job. Wholesale accounts that are detail shops are a big part of our business. Slowly, but surely, our retail business is coming around. But starting out, we had to sell at wholesale to other aftermarket shops.

2. We sponsor an event that goes on every month called Cars and Coffee. It’s the first Saturday of every month. We have a tent that we bring out, and we put a car or two out there. Ideally, we can educate the customer when we’re there. The car attracts the people, which usually leads them to asking us about the product. It’s an easy way to hand off your marketing material.

3. When we do an install for a detailer, they will sell the job, so we educate the detailers on what the product does, the warranty and how to communicate with the customer. Once they finish the job, we put the warranty card with our contact information inside the vehicle. It’s a fine line because you don’t want to overstep your boundaries, but you want the customer to know you’re the brand behind the install.

4. We tried learning Google AdWords, you know, the basic stuff. But once we could afford someone to do it for us, we went that route. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s worth it to hire someone. We’ve doubled what we’ve reached customer-wise since hiring them.

5. Social media is a great tool, but, half the time, we forget to take pictures. You would think you’d remember when working with luxury cars, but we’re in the zone, and once we finish, it kind of just slips our minds. But we do think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for promoting the business … when we remember.

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