The best shops have them and trainers encourage them—mid-rise lifts make working with PPF easier. The machines will help save your installers’ backs and make for much more efficient installations. That’s why we’re focusing on them for this special edition of PPF Products. Here are some of the top ones on the market:

Bender MD-6XP

The Bender MD-6XP can lift cars that weigh up to 6,000 pounds. The product comes with adjustable arm assemblies, a safety lock bar with multiple lock positions and a free set of truck adaptors. The lift’s motor cart can serve as a tow handle, which allows it to move easily from bay to bay, according to the company. It is designed for light-duty trucks and cars.

Challenger Lifts MR6

The MR6 is the latest mid-rise lift from Challenger. Its dual-hydraulic cylinders provide a 10,000-pound lifting capacity and can pick up a vehicle from a variety of points. Inset storage trays allow installers to keep tools at hand, and it features a sliding/rotating arm design with rubber pads and low drive-over clearance, according to the company.

Forward Lift 6000MRL

This mid-rise lift works well with low ceilings or when adding a bay for seasonal increases in business. The 6000MRL provides a portable product with 20- to 30-second operation on two hydraulic lifts, according to the company. It has multiple locking positions and comes with truck adapters.

Dannmar D-6/XL

The Dannmar D-6/XL is completely redesigned and re-engineered, according to the company. It has the same lifting capacity as its former version (6,000 pounds) but is made with more steel and has multiple lock positions and safety bars. It is available for purchase through several vendors, including Costco.

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