Just three months after launching its OEM color paint protection film (PPF) program, Tesla is increasing its color offerings and dropping prices.

Full-body installations that used to cost $7,500 have been slashed to $5,700 while $8,000 installation prices have dropped to $6,000.

The company has also introduced an additional color—Satin Abyss Blue.

One wrap company owner whose shop is close to the Oceanside Tesla Service Center, one of the spots Tesla is doing the installations, felt that $8000 had been a fair price for that market. He prefers to remain anonymous.

“It’s maybe a little on the higher side,” he says. “We do Teslas here, and most of our customers don’t want the color change. They wrap it fully and they don’t do the door jams.”

The drop to $6,000 for the whole vehicle took him by surprise, but he still doesn’t think it’ll eat into his business quite yet.

“We get a lot of referrals—it’s all word of mouth,” he says.

The business owner works primarily with vinyl but says he can see it eating away at local PPF providers.

The new color, Satin Abyss Blue, can be seen below:


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