The Irresistible Appeal of 2-in-1 PPF Products

By Jacob Motley

If you’re here, you believe in the value of PPF and know the investment is worth it. And you also know: many of your potential customers are really excited about getting PPF, right up until the moment you give them a quote. Then it suddenly gets tough to book an install.

Two in One

Fortunately, several PPF brands are rolling out new 2-in-1 PPF products designed to help you overcome this challenge. These are an auto enthusiast’s dream come true because they do more in a single installation.

There are two types of 2-in-1 PPF products. The first is black PPF. It merges self-healing protection with the custom re-styling possibilities of accent paint or vinyl. The second is ceramic-style PPF. It brings together self-healing protection and a super glossy finish that’s so hydrophobic, it practically cleans itself.

For vehicle owners, a 2-in-1 PPF is a better value, even if it comes at a premium price. They get a product fully loaded with all the protective features they want – plus the features of an additional product too, built-in. And they get it all with a single installation.

But should you offer a 2-in-1 PPF? Let’s look at the details that could impact your business.

Why Offer This?

For starters, any 2-in-1 PPF is a premium offering, so it delivers profit margins you’ll surely appreciate. Another advantage is that 2-in-1 products are a major opportunity for upselling. All you have to do is show customers how much the two separate customizations cost, then show them how a 2-in-1 PPF compares.

The real bonus, though, is that 2-in-1 PPF speeds up your vehicle turnover. That’s really how it can be a major money-maker for shops—and why this product could turn out to be just as appealing to you as it is to your customers.

Think about it: you’ll prep the vehicle once, not twice. And you’ll install one product, just as you’d install PPF. There’s no other time-consuming process to tie up a bay. So you can schedule more customers for more installs. The numbers will vary based on the kind of business you do, but the outcome is the same: you’re converting time into dollars.

There’s also one other, final consideration: customer satisfaction. PPF gives drivers new confidence on the road. But 2-in-1 PPF products improve life even more. Black PPF adds personal style that stands out from the crowd. Ceramic-style PPF has the slick surface you get with ceramic, but it lasts for so much longer.

So now: imagine your customer’s enthusiasm when you tell them they can get a 2-in-1 PPF product for less time and money than two products. Then multiply that many times over, with your profit margins in mind.

Jacob Motley is the PPF channel marketing manager for Eastman.

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