The Evolution of PPF Applications

By Jacob Motley

One of today’s most interesting paint protection film (PPF) innovations is not a new product with better technology. Instead, it’s a new way to use the PPF product your business already stocks and sells. PPF can be used as protection for high-end interior surfaces. Chances are, your customers won’t know to ask for this, but they’ll be all ears when you tell them about it.

Stay with me. Interior PPF application isn’t just for a few car enthusiasts with maintenance concerns bordering on obsession. It’s a growing trend that closely tracks with the evolution of car design, especially high-performance models.

Evolving with Interior Car Design

Many of today’s hottest sets of wheels come outfitted with carbon fiber seatbacks, oversized touchscreens, and other features that deliver a better driving experience—but not necessarily better durability. And when these interior parts show signs of wear, it’s heartbreaking for car owners in two ways: it looks bad, plus these components are expensive to replace.

PPF is a natural response to this situation. Nearly invisible, it offers tough defense against scuffs and scratches. And it’s engineered to adhere well to smooth, flat surfaces. To take advantage of interior PPF application opportunities, all you need is a few tweaks to what you currently do.

Getting Started with Interior PPF

1. Check your film cutting software of choice for interior console, seatback, touchscreen, and door sill patterns. Some may currently be offered, and more could be on the way.

2. Get your installation team up to speed on interior installation techniques and watch-outs. It’s crucial to be cautious around electronic touchscreens that can be damaged by moisture, as PPF warranties don’t typically include coverage beyond painted surfaces.

3. Mention vulnerable interior surfaces to customers as you’re discussing PPF coverage options.

4. Make sure you’re set up to add interior coverage areas to jobs, so you can add them easily to orders and charge for them when customers want interior PPF.

5. Add up the incremental sales as they roll in!

The Bottom Line

Concern over scuffed seatbacks, kicked door sills, scratched consoles, and marred touchscreens might not drive customers directly into your store. But it’s still an easy opportunity for add-on upgrades to PPF coverage. Your customers have a need for it, and film manufacturers are supporting  it more every day. Incremental interior coverage sales are out there, waiting for you to capture them. All you need to do is activate the opportunity.

Jacob Motley is the PPF channel marketing manager for Eastman Performance Films, LLC.

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