Wrap of the Week: The Dark Knight’s Worst Nightmare

A gloss purple 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 is equal parts sinister and elegant. But car enthusiasts know there is no ceiling for either adjective. Cory Athanasuleas of Alabama’s Classic Car Motoring wrapped the 600 brake horsepower monster in XPEL Stealth PPF just before Halloween 2022. Dubbed “The Joker Mobile,” the end result is downright vicious.

Photos: Morgan Sidwell Media LLC

“His excitement for matte finishes had grown, and the spirit of Halloween took over,” Athanasuleas says of his client. “The client is new to us as of 2022, but we have already completed five other vehicles for him. He is well educated on materials and industry fit and finish. We had just wrapped his dark grey 2019 Corvette Z06 in XPEL Stealth PPF and dubbed it ‘The Bat Mobile.’”

Batman now has to share the garage with a frightening foe. Athanasuleas spent 10 hours on the Viper’s front bumper alone. He originally intended for a gloss PPF finish but shifted to a matte finish after playing with swatch samples and shifting the color of the brake calipers to “Joker green.”

“A gloss PPF installation would be a challenge even on this car, but a matte finish eliminates the ability to use the standard pre-cut kits,” Athanasuleas says. “First, we did full body panel disassembly for easier access to the panels. We then used custom Design Access Program (DAP) pre-cut kits and custom bulk methods for the bumpers and hood. The challenge of the vehicle proved to be the most rewarding aspect. I had always wanted to do a Viper because of its difficulty level. The opportunity to do it in Stealth showcases the amount of effort and detail that goes into our customers’ vehicles.”

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