I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

I am the principal owner of Exclusive Paint Protection in Charlotte, N.C.

One great man once said the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This is my first step in writing this blog. I am excited about the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you using this medium. Make no mistake; many are more capable of this task and more accomplished and eloquent than me, but you are stuck with me for now.

I aim to provide insights that I have gleaned from the experience of others inside and outside our industry with the hope that it will make us better and kinder people to those in our lives and those we serve and serve alongside. We will embark on a journey where we will explore ourselves through the lens of our habits, practices and desires. We won’t all be at the same journey stage, so being kind to ourselves and others may prove helpful.

I ask for your kindness and patience, as this is new for me, and I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how traveling this path together can be better navigated.

Feel free to email me using the subject line “The Journey” with your feedback or content suggestions, as I hope this will be collaborative.

For each post, I would like to follow this structure;

• A project we have completed at Exclusive;

• A conversation I recently had or one I wish to have;

• Thoughts from a book that I have read or am reading;

• And a challenge or action step to grow as a person, employee or business owner.

Brian Brown is the principal owner of Exclusive Paint Protection in Charlotte, N.C. For more than 20 years, Brown has filled the niche of delivering premium car care services to automobile owners who won’t accept anything less. His long-term and relationship-based approach has turned him into a trusted resource and sounding board for his clients. His years of experience and commitment to new technologies and products have made him one of the foremost industry voices in the Southeast.

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