What stories did the paint protection film (PPF) industry pay attention to in 2023? They range from profiles to hard news. Here’s what our global audience tuned in for last year:



1. Fighting PPF Perfectionism with Proper Expectations


PPFMag profiles Josh Poponick, owner of Blackout Tinting in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, who says that goal falls second only to customer service and a quality installation.



2. PPF Projects: The 1/1 Pagani Zonda Ay


PPFMag profiles California’s Aerowerkz Motorsports’ opportunity to install PPF on a 1/1 Pagani Zonda AY.



3. Everything You Need to Know about Tesla’s New Film


When Tesla announced it would offer in-house PPF installations, it left some in the industry with more questions than answers. Where is this option offered? How much are they charging? And most of all—which film is being used? PPFMag answered those questions.



4. First Timers: PPF Professionals Reflect on Initial Installs and Bulking


Profiles of PPF professionals who recall their first time installing PPF.


5. Push to Start: How Did You Get Yours?

PPFMag profiles several installation professionals on how they got turned on to the film and their journey through making it a part of their business.

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