World’s Best Installers’ Gadgets of Choice

The 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ in Virginia Beach gave the industry a new set of world’s top paint protection film (PPF) installers. Victory would not have been possible without their trusty tools. Here’s what they relied on to win:

First Place: Joshua Maharajh

Genesis Window Tinting Elk Grove, Calif.
• Zep 32-oz. Spray Bottles
• Milwaukee Heat Gun
• Cleaning Solution: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
+ 91% alcohol + distilled water
• Cindeer PPF Squeegee
• Puomue 12 Pack Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth
• OLFA 141B 9mm Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Utility Knife
• Meguiar’s Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound

Second Place: Brian Cohen

Gypsy Filmz Inc. Greensboro, N.C.
• Poly Two-Pump Sprayer
• Dirty Tools Pump Sprayer
• Dirty Tools Pouch
• Tintwiz PPF Squeegee
• Red Dot Olfa Knife
• NT Cutter Multi-blade Knife
• Tintwiz Drop Cloth
• Snap-on Neck Light
• Chemical Guys Towel
• Trash Bag

Third Place: Craig Bledsoe

Elite Clear Bra Huntington Beach, Calif.
• XPEL Squeegee
• Night Buddy Head Lamp
• Costco Microfiber Towel
• Lavender Baby Shampoo
+ water (in hand)
• 40% isopropyl alcohol
+ 60% water (on hip)
• XPEL Tool Pouch
• Olfa Carbon Steel Blade
• ZEP Spray Bottles

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