Paint Protection Film Gets its Due

By Tara Taffera

The 2021 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off ™ (WFCT) was ready for a triumphant return and return it did, with paint protection film (PPF) a big part of this annual event. From products seen throughout the show floor by numerous sponsors, to those vying for the Gold in the paint protection film competition, to its own seminar track, it’s clear that PPF is an integral, and profitable, part of the industry.

Three seminars were held during the event, honing in specifically on PPF, and highlighted those shop owners experiencing success in this market.

Sid Maharajh, co-owner of Genesis Window Tinting in Elk Grove, Calif.,
shared five tried-and-true best practices in selling PPF.

1. B2B Auto Dealer, Wear and Tear. The first tactic, or group to target, is the auto dealer who can provide consistent volume for your shop. This can include installation of door cups, door edges and luggage areas. On the plus side, Maharajh said these can be done quickly, and requires the least skill, and offers what he deems, “predictable complexity.”

2. B2B Auto Dealer, Tiered Packages. When working with dealers, Maharaj said it is possible to work with them on PPF packages. Again, this offers consistent work and predictability of jobs. On the negative side, however, there is a moderate skill required, and an increased material cost. And as is the case with number one, the potential always exists for the dealer to bring these jobs in house.

3. B2B Bodyshop, Wholesale Vendor. Acting as a vendor to bodyshops, can provide opportunities, says Maharaj. It’s also a good way for PPF installers to develop their skills, but as with auto dealers, this work could be inconsistent.

4. Retail, Add-on, Wear and Tear. This is there the beauty of upsell comes into play for many of those areas that require the least skill such as doors cups, door edges and luggage areas.

5. Retail, Tier Packages. Th is is used when the demand is high, the margins are good, and payment is due on receipt. On the flip side, it requires the most skill, and is difficult to find installers in many areas. It also offers the greatest exposure for your shop to online reviews, which sometimes could be harmful to your reputation. Again, this is where the strong installers are needed, according to Maharaj. This also requires the most investment—but one that can pay off.

PPF can be a great revenue generator, though there are many things to think about before you add this to your list of services. That was the focus of the presentation by Jamie Werner, sales manager/corporate trainer at PremiumShield, who discussed the hard truths about PPF. A lot of it comes down to doing your research, from finding the right supplier to investing in a good plotter with a large variety of patterns, to learning the skill of installing.

“Set a realistic timeframe for your initial return on investment,” Werner said. “Crawl before you walk, walk before you run.”

Those who offer PPF, but do not offer ceramic coatings, may be missing a big opportunity. That was the message from Kyle Owen, owner, Clear Bra Indy, and a PPFMag Top Dealer, who added ceramic coatings to his PPF business in 2016. He said he saw the potential, and “it hasn’t let me down.”

Like PPF, though there are items to invest in, and he outlined those for attendees. This includes a dedicated staff to handle washing, prepping and coating of the vehicles; a bay to wash vehicles properly, paint correction equipment and training; and a dedicated area with sufficient lighting to coat vehicles and prevent water from getting on the vehicle during the coating/curing process.

Owen is full of knowledge in PPF and ceramic coatings, and he allowed attendees to “ask him anything” in the question and answer session, and they did.

Just another reason to attend when it will be held September 14-16, in 2022. Look for an announcement, including the location, coming soon in PPF magazine and on

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