Vinyl Wraps: Let the Color Flow

By Tara Taffera

Vinyl can be a great material to create a cool look for a vehicle while also protecting the car from the elements. It provides a variety of options not available with paint, say some vinyl PPF experts. This month, we take a look at two cars that utilize Avery Dennison ColorFlow films.

“These wraps also have stylish finishes due to the vinyl chosen by each installer, ColorFlow Gloss Roaring Thunder and ColorFlow Satin Fresh Spring respectively,” says Tamara Baumann, regional sales manager.

She says this series of Supreme Wrapping Film offers unique shade-shifting colors that create an iridescent look. These films come in both a gloss and satin finish, with six different color options. Overall, the Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio has more than 100 colors and features long-term removability and excellent conformability to curves.

With any install, however, there are challenges, and these were no exception.

“Mastering the directionality of the film, or how it will look when wrapped in panels, is the most challenging aspect of working with color shift films,” says Baumann. “The shades in the film appear a particular way depending on the lighting, and making sure they line up in a cohesive way is important to a quality vehicle wrap. As with any vehicle wrap, taking on door jambs, side view mirrors and the curves of the car while avoiding over-stretching is a key to success, as well.”

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