What are people watching online when it comes to paint protection film (PPF)? YouTube is a magical place where you can learn how to do anything—even how to install PPF. One thing to note, while there are videos with millions of views on tinting, there are fewer on PPF, pointing to a potential gap for content creators to fill. NOTE: There are more views on some of the YouTube short videos, which cannot be embedded into this article—so this only includes the older, more standard format of top PPF videos filtered by views.

1) A Guide to Restoring Car Paint (Paint Decontamination, Paint Correction & Paint Protection)

Car Craft Auto Detailing’s video takes on a full paint restoration, complete with PPF installation at the end. The 22-minute+ video is the most viewed PPF video on all of YouTube.

2) I Protected my Porsche with PPF Paint Protection Film

British installer Yiannimize takes the second-most seen video with a significant drop-off in views from 3.3 million to 410,000. In it, he protects a Porche 911 922 Carrera.


3) We Answer ALL Your Questions About Paint Protection Film!

Chicago Auto Pros is in the third spot with a PPF explainer. How much does it cost? When is the best time to install? How long will it last? Find out here.


4) Avery Dennison SPF-XI Paint Protection Film Instructional Video

Avery Dennison’s trainers Justin Pate and John Scott demonstrate the proper installation process of the company’s SPF-XI PPF.

5) Hyundai Verna PPF Installation | Car PPF Coating 

VWraps Sikar out of India has the fifth-most watched YouTube video on PPF, showing how to install the product on a Hyundai Verna.


6) Paint Protection Film VS. Ceramic Coating Side-By-Side TEST | What’s The Difference?


7) VW Beetle Refurbishment


8) 1 year after applying Paint Protection Film, this is how this car looks


9) Scratching And Healing My Own Car – How Protective Films Work


10) Ceramic Pro | KAVACA | The World’s most advance Paint Protection Film



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